Printing huge PS files on a PC with low memory 
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 Printing huge PS files on a PC with low memory

Help I can't print big PS files using GS view.
Ghost script exits with the following error:

-255 See text window

Here's the window

Aladdin Ghostscript 3.53 (1996-1-10)
Copyright (c) 1995 Aladdin Enterprises, Menlo Park, CA.  All rights
This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details.
Displaying C:/NET/TCOM/CH2.PS
Error: /undefined in  
Operand stack:

Execution stack:
   %interp_exit   ()   --nostringval--   --nostringval--
--nostringval--   fal
se   --nostringval--   --nostringval--   --nostringval--
Dictionary stack:
   --dict:649/653--   --dict:0/20--   --dict:52/200--
Current allocation mode is local
Current file position is 1

Unexpected interpreter error 1.
Error object: (d84)name(0x18c73baa#2fb)execute0
Execution stack at 0x1a6fb0d4:
0x1a6fcb68: 0x0f oper --F---e-- 0x0000 0x26170864 = %interp_exit
0x1a6fcb70: 0x12 str  --F-rxe-- 0x0000 0x00000000 =
0x1a6fcb78: 0x03 file --L-rxe-- 0x0001 0x193719ee

My guess is low memory. Plain text PS files open fine..
 Could some one suggest a low memory using PS viiewing utility?

Fri, 24 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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