Adobe Print Driver linescreens 
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 Adobe Print Driver linescreens

This problem is driving me crazy. Any assistance from knowledgeable HP,
Adobe or postscript gurus will be much appreciated.

I recently installed an HP4VM printer. Lovely beast, perfectly happy with
it except that it pretty much requires me to use the ADOBEPS print driver.
The Adobe driver is faster and offers more features, but it does not allow
the default linescreen to be set. (The Microsoft PSCRIPT driver does, but
it doesn't allow access to the printer's many features. It's also a lot
slower, probably because of the lack of L2 support.)

Apparently, Adobe assumes that all applications have a print control
feature that allows the user to specify the linescreen. This is not true
for many products, include FrameMaker and Word 6, two of my primary working
tools. Although the 4MV's default linescreen and grayscaling is great, it's
not necessarily optimal for reproduction, and I need to be able to print
masters for photocopy and quick-printing repro. This demands somewhat
coarser linescreens than the 4MV's defaults.

I've tried substituting various printer drivers, and have puzzled over the
4MV's .PPD file. Unlike most printers, the 4MV's .PPD has a confusing
welter of linescreen and halftoning definitions, with no real clue as to
which one is selected how and by what process. Some of the things I've
tried seem to be overridden by the printer. (It's just too damn smart for
its own good...)

Can anyone show me a process by which I can set the default linescreen to
any arbitrary value and have the printer hold that value until I tell it to
change? The Microsoft driver permits this without a hitch, so I assume
there's SOME way to do it with the Adobe driver.

.PPD modifications, other drivers, DOS-level utilities, Postscript code...
I'll try anything. I'd like to make it as seamless and easy to use as

Many, many thanks in advance for coherent help. I will post a summary of
the working technique when and if I get one hammered out.



Tue, 07 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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