WANTED: Double-Sided PostScript Network Postcards Printer Spec. 
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 WANTED: Double-Sided PostScript Network Postcards Printer Spec.


I am trying to find an IP network-ready printer that I can put a stack of
blank postcards (or spool of pinfeed postcards) in it and have my SGI
server send postcards to it printing the entire card on BOTH sides
(addresses and corporate logos on one side, information on the other).

I don't want to have to load postcard stock just for this purpose, so we're
probably talking about a dedicated printer or one with separate trays.  I'd
like to get a complete specification (i.e. model and accessory #'s) so I
can get on with it.

Is there such a printer that can be configured like I want?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Hunnibell

Tue, 26 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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