Ghostscript 8.00 and Redmon - Newbie needs help 
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 Ghostscript 8.00 and Redmon - Newbie needs help

I have installed Ghostscript 8.00 and Redmon and when I select Save PDF File
it opens the Save As box, however when I select the file into which I want
to save the pdf document I receive an error message that reads Save PDF
Files on your Windows Desktop is not supported in this version.  Does this
mean that Ghostscript 8.00 will not allow me to save PDF files?  Or have I
not set it up correctly?

And when I select the other option of send PDF via email (instead of saving
it) Outlook Express (my default email program) opens a new message but there
is no attachment.  I expected there would be an attachment of the newly
created pdf document.  Am I doing something wrong?

Can you help me?


Wed, 07 Dec 2005 15:53:08 GMT  
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