psnup -- n-up printing on one page ... 
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 psnup -- n-up printing on one page ...

Apologies to all those whose appetites I've whetted ... I still intend to
release psnup to the network as soon as I've had a few hours in which to
work on it (I'm currently shifting accounts, as well as changing course and
institution -- my old one doesn't really want to know me anymore, and the new
one hasn't gotten around to giving me full access as yet ... !)

So as soon as I can get access to a PS printer for the final few tests (and
work out appropriate default values to set) I'll get it ready.  Hopefully
this afternoon ...

btw: The major bug is that TeX output doesn't move to the correct position in
each spot.  Because of the nature of the program I'm having to define /letter
/legal and /note to {}, which I feel could be the cause of the problem.  They
need to be nullified to stop them from wrecking the setup that psnup uses to
scale and translate each spot.

In these page size definitions, do they merely change the size of the paper,
or do they also shift the origin around a bit?  If I could get some idea of
what it is they do, I'd have better luck at simulating them (and make them non-
lethal to the psnup engine) ...


Malcolm Herbert                                    2nd Yr Comms and Elec Eng

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Tue, 06 Aug 1996 07:09:21 GMT  
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