HP IV Si printer driver for unix lpd or transcript 
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 HP IV Si printer driver for unix lpd or transcript

Several people have shown an interest in the printer driver program
I'm writing for the HP IV Si printer. I've released a very preliminary
alpha version (no doc. no man pages, no comments, etc...). If you
would like to try it out, its available via anonymous ftp from:

        ftp.cs.umn.edu  in directory users/lemay

The program is written in C, and was made as generic as possible. I've
compiled it on Sun's, SGI's, and a CDC EPiX system.... Its designed
to work as an IF filter for a unix printcap entry, but it works better
with the Adobe Transcript software. Printer Page accounting (using two
redundant methods) is included.

The driver handles PCL, postscript, PJL, and Text files (text is printed
as PCL with linefeeds as line terminators).

One big limitation: This driver connects to the HP IV Si directly via
TCP/IP, and only via TCP/IP.... Other than that, I attempt to support most
of the printer features. Let me know if you use the software, and if you
have any suggestions for improvements. The driver would probably work with
any other HP 4 series printers with only minor changes if any, provided
they have ethernet connections. If you can test this program with other
HP 4 printers, let me know.

-Lawrence LeMay

Sun, 15 Dec 1996 06:07:06 GMT  
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