Disabling usage of black ink on true CMYK printers 
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 Disabling usage of black ink on true CMYK printers


I would be interested to know if it is possible to
specify programatically whether black ink should or
not be used when rendering on CMYK printers. Disabling
its use would conceptually imply, at rendering time, an
extra conversion step from CMYK to CMY color space.

The context is that I am attempting to wrap a PS document
generated by an external source, so the solution could
not rely on assumptions concerning original color space
specifications. I know that postscript provides the
setblackgeneration and setundercolorremoval operators
for this specific purpose, but their usage is limited
to the context of RGB to CMYK device color space
conversion. I have also attempted to tweak the transfer
functions for t{*filter*} out the K component, but I was
dissuaded by side effect issues related to compensating
the C,M and Y component values.

Thank you,

Mon, 01 Mar 2004 00:32:34 GMT  
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