Printing with gsview16.exe V2.1 
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 Printing with gsview16.exe V2.1

Date: Thu, 19 Dec 96 11:35:18 PST

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I'm running the 16-bit version of gsview under WfW 3.11. Everything
works fine except from printing. A desciption of the bug is given
together with a source code fix under
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~ghost/gsview/gvwgs16.txt.

My problem: I have no C-compiler at hand and do not even know someone
with Borland C 4.5.

Did anyone do the source modification and compilation who can provide me
with the proper exe-file? Or, could someone point me to such a file?

many thanks

Rolf Braumann

Name:   Rudolf Braumann            Telenet GmbH Communication Systems

                                   64289 Darmstadt
Date:   19.12.1996                 Marburger Str. 14
Time:   11:35:18                   Tel. +49 6151/733-306
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