Different line ends/segment ends on dashed line? 
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 Different line ends/segment ends on dashed line?

    *  I have a need to print dashed lines where the ends of the lines are  
    *  but the individual dashed segment ends are square

try something along these lines (NPI):

/inch { 72 mul } def
/LineStart { 4.25 inch 2 inch } def
/LineEnd   { 4.25 inch 9 inch } def
LineStart moveto LineEnd lineto
0.5 inch setlinewidth
[ 1 inch 1 inch ] 0 setdash
0 setlinecap stroke
[] 0 setdash
LineStart moveto LineStart lineto
LineEnd moveto LineEnd lineto
1 setlinecap stroke

Thu, 22 Sep 1994 04:00:58 GMT  
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