*i*sFixedPitch or *I*sFixedPitch ???? 
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 *i*sFixedPitch or *I*sFixedPitch ????

Recently i have a demo of Tektronix 4693PXN, a color postscript printer.
I have printed several ps files and all but one printed well (and nice in

The one which could not be printed revealed a strange difference between
Tektro PS and Laserwriter IINT PS (the first one is version 49.4, Apple one
is 47.0).

The difference is in "isFixedPitch" boolean flag name which, in Tektro
implementation, is called "IsFixedPitch" (with a capital i).

Is it a bug? or is it the new spelling of this flag?

Curiously, this flag was *always* false, even for Courier family font.

The file was a TeX file, using a PostScript font, created by dvips.

For those who are interested, the 36th font in 4693PXN, is named
"HPGL-Special-Font" and features japanese-like glyphs!
More, the benchmark of laser_doctor (print "Benchmark" along radius of a
circle) showed a time to print of ... 145.028 seconds, where it is 61.4 on a
LWIINT and 24.28 on a IINTX!. Remember that tektro printer includes a 68020
processor (like IINTX) and 6 MBytes of RAM.

Really strange result... If anyone has an explanation, please tell me.
(the result was printed in black, perhaps using only one colour would have
shown a better result?)

Bertrand Decouty


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Tue, 18 May 1993 18:22:37 GMT  
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