How can I work with Ghostscript "ps2image" output? 
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 How can I work with Ghostscript "ps2image" output?
I have a great big postscript file (created by importing a bunch of
"psfix"ed Mathematica graphics into a{*filter*}document and "dvips"ing
the output) which I can successfully preview with GhostScript.

I have used the GhostScript 2.5.2 utility "" to convert
this gigantic PostScript file into a modest series of bitmapped
images.  The problem is, while I can GhostScript-preview the resulting
output, I can't actually print it on a PostScript printer.  The file
looks like the following (the first line added by me):

     /readimage {gsave matrix setmatrix 1 matrix 3 index 7 add 8 idiv
     string currentfile exch {2 copy 1 index token pop 2 index token
     pop getinterval readhexstring pop pop dup} 3 1 roll 7 2 roll
     image pop pop grestore showpage} bind def
     670 867 readimage
     0 84
     0 0
     0 0

     etc., etc.    

There are a total of four "readimage" calls to display each of the
four pages.

I'm a clueless PostScript newbie, so can anyone help me get this
working?  Are some of the primitive functions in the "readimage"
definition nonstandard?  I've tried printing this on an HP LaserJet
IIIsi and got a page telling me that there was a "rangecheck" error
caused by the offending command "readhexstring".  Printing it on an
IBM LaserPrinter 10 did nothing.  Do I have to preprocess the hex
stream somehow?

Please mail responses directly, and I'll summarize them to the group.

Thanks in advance.

Sun, 20 Aug 1995 03:08:26 GMT  
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