Error in PS (Ghostscript) Printing On Epson 640 
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 Error in PS (Ghostscript) Printing On Epson 640

Sorry but I sent this out with subject "Re: How do I set paper size in
postcript level 1" Mistake on my part. Sorry to send message twice but
don't want it lost in the wrong thread.

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I have just hooked up the Epson Stylus 640 and am using the uniprint
driver with it. I'm using the Mandrake/Redhat 6.0 distribution. In
the text tests are successfully printed. PS printing prints out the

Error: /invalidfont in findfont

This is followed by stack dumps for the Operand, Execution and
Dictionary stacks. Last OS error is 22.

It doesn't seem to matter which of the stc600xxx I use.

Can anyone point me to a solution to this problem?

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Fri, 29 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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