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Dear Poplog User,

Now Poplog is going open-source, we need to get more serious about
building a web site with all the stuff people expect.  As you may
or may not know, I did a dry run last year with http://www.*-*-*.com/
and got some useful feedback.  One of the things that emerged was
the inadequacy of the FAQ list.

So, if you have got questions that you think need to go into the
FAQ list, please post it to this list - along with your answers if
possible!  Then someone (probably me) will have a stab at putting
together a really useful FAQL.  Here's my own FAQs to get the ball

Q: popc is complaining that it doesn't know about the autoloadable
   identifiers in my code.

A: Not all the libraries have been built in your distribution.  You
   need to run $popcom/buildobjlib to make them.  See HELP * POPC
   for more details.

Q: I am trying to use popc with make in order to build my
   application in modules.  But I don't know how to write the
   dependencies since popc generates several result files.
   Also, I can't work out how to invoke a link-only stage
   because popc complains about needed .s or .p extentions.

A: errrr ....

Q: I am trying to use popc to build an program that can compile
   pop11 on-the-fly.  However, I cannot seem to make a complete
   dictionary available.  What should I do?

A: ummm ....

The new Poplog web site is going to be powered by Poplog (and Apache),
so we are looking for a "Powered by Poplog" logo, some willing hands
to act as editors and contributors of articles and source code, someone
to write a nice disclaimer saying that everything on the web site is
as-is and we cannot be held responsible for consequent damage, some
more FAQs, and your opinions about what the web site should be ....

By the way, if anyone wants to write mod_poplog for Apache, I would
be very grateful!


Mon, 10 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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