programs writing to multiple VED buffers 
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 programs writing to multiple VED buffers

Someone who is using our sim_agent toolkit for a simulation involving
multiple agents each with multiple interacting internal mechanisms has
encountered the following problem.

During a typical run with normal tracing turned on there's a huge amount
of tracing (megabytes) which is difficult to digest. It would therefore
be useful to be able to divert tracing for different agents to different
VED buffers and then using Xved these could be opened and closed for
viewing, as required, even while the system is running.

So, is there anything analogous to discout for Ved, e.g.
        veddiscout(filename, boolean) -> consumer

where veddiscout could be given a file name and would create a VED
buffer with that name and return a character consumer procedure, which
could be assigned to cucharout to make printing go into that buffer
(always at the end of the buffer)

The boolean could determine whether VED first looks to see if there's
already a file with that name on disk and if so reads it in, as if the
user had given a 'ved <filename>' command. If false, it always creates a
new empty buffer.

(It may need extra arguments to control frequency of autosaving, etc.)

I know I could write a version of veddiscout to do what I want (perhaps
based on consveddevice or vedobey, but I wonder whether someone already
has done this, addressing questions of efficiency, etc., or whether
there's something in the Poplog system that I've missed.)


Tue, 27 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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