How available is POP-11? 
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 How available is POP-11?

I am increasingly impressed with POP-11 and with the poplog environment,
as I use it in my MSc course. The problem is, I want to use it for my
MSc project, if possible, and this means that it would be convenient to
be able to run it on my own machine (an Acorn Archimedes).

What I want to know is (and my apologies if this is a FAQ ) :

 Can I get POP-11 for my machine within my meagre student budget?

Failing that, I will either have to use Scheme or C or else transfer results
via floppy discs from the Suns to my machine's wordprocessor.

For after my MSc, I would be interested in trying to implement POP-11 or
a subset thereof as a language module on the archimedes (if this has not
already been done, and if it would be legal)

Any thoughts?

        Peter Harris

CAD Centre
University of Strathclyde

Mon, 16 Sep 1996 17:47:36 GMT  
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