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James Anderson writes:
>! Did Ian really say that? Popc might be a formidable technical achievement,
>which is good. I had hoped it would not be formidable. :-)

The main problem areas are outlined in REF *POPC in 14.5. The sort of
thing I've seen is that a fair bit of code doesn't make sufficient
distinction between the compilation and runtime environments and
will do things like hardwiring absolute pathnames at compile time
which are to be used at run time. Usually this is just a side effect
of the incremental style of working.

As for general delivery, while it's not as easy as it should be (yet)
to separate the development and delivery environments, there are
a number of companies that distribute applications using saved
images both internally and externally without shipping Poplog
(ourselves included).


Wed, 30 Jul 1997 03:39:17 GMT  
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