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 comp.lang.pop FAQ

At intervals I post this file


to the comp.lang.pop newsgroup, but arrange for it not to be forwarded
to the pop-forum email list.

The file has had some changes in recent months, so pop-forum readers who
do not browse comp.lang.pop may wish to look at it.

Suggestions for improvement welcome.

If you have any contributions you'd like added please format them in
plain text with 72 columns width.

Like most other things in the free poplog directory it requires some
work to re-write it and re-format, including perhaps conversion to
html for online browsing. But I don't have time. Volunteers always


Sat, 08 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
 comp.lang.pop FAQ
[To reply replace "Aaron.Sloman.XX" with "A.Sloman"]

Two people (Graham Higgins and Lee Goddard) have now sent me
HTML versions of the FAQ (many thanks to both).

So nobody else need bother!

I shall shortly compare/select/merge and install at the web

On a different topic: there has recently been a lot of work
on both the RCLIB graphical interface package and the Sim_agent
toolkit. I'll circulate more information later. Meanwhile
see the news files:

The changed versions are in

Incidentally, Sim_agent now includes a nice "sheepdog" demo based
on work by two previous MSc students, Peter Waudby and Tom Carter.
It's all in TEACH sim_sheepdog.p. I hope to do more work cleaning up
and clarifying the code, but it works and is quite robust.

There's plenty of scope for building on this by giving the dog more
intelligence. (Some challenging student projects.)


Sat, 08 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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