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 news-relayFrom: (Chris Dollin)

Aaron spake:

| > >     3)      Thou shalt not use -goto-, & -go_on- since they are the most
| > >             evil of constructs (unless you really want to of course :-)
| goto is rather good for implementing finite state machines, provided it
| is used with discipline. There are other options of course. Some say
| the good lord implemented the universe as a finite state machine.
| Computable anyway. (I don't believe it.)

Procedures are rather good for state machines, too. Actually, extended
regular expressions and a compiler are even better :-)

| > Actually, the most evil of Pop11 constructs is -valof-.  However, that
| > prince of misdemeanors quails at the thunderous belches of the vertiable
| > aristocrat of obscenities the X-toolkit.
| I like using valof to postpone autoloading till needed, e.g. mapping
| a VED key sequence to the name of a procedure rather than the procedure,
| or writing code of the form
|   valof("foo")(x,y,z)
| to postpone autoloading of foo till needed (which may be never in some
| cases). It's a bit like making lots of promises to be good and hoping
| the circumstances will never arise, but framing your promises so as to
| limit the damage.

    define foo( x, y, z ) as load( 'foo.p' ); foo( x, y, z ) enddefine;
    ... foo( x, y, z ) ...

Steve can write the syntax word :-)

| > ...Mind you, once you've done %x Pop11 has a tendency to
| > go belly up anyway.  To be honest, once you've started the X-server
| > you're in big trouble.
| Interesting. I think X is awful to program, but it does seem to work
| round here.

There's about 50 ``Xlib: unexpected asynch reply'' messages in my start-up-Pop
window at the moment, and I've been running for less than a week since the
last (system) crash; certainly I've had lockups and SYSTEM ERRORs lots more
since I started using XVed, and GC takes a LOT longer.

| And I've even bitten the bullet and started using XVed, and
| learnt that as long as I turn off menu-bars and the like (i.e. use
| vanilla XVed), it's now actually quite robust (V14.2), and I've even
| found out how to make my output.p window always appear in a particular
| location and size, well suited to the profanities that appear therein.
| The lack of menu bar does not bother me,

What's a menu bar? (Ducks as non-Arc users fling bricks.)

| as I have my own menu system
| anyway, based on a subset of LIB PROPSHEET which also seems to work
| quite robustly. Could it be that you have a buggy X server? Do not
| worship false X implementations.

Worship? An X implementation? Even a true one?

And I thought Aaron knew Steve pretty well ...

| > >     9)      Thou shalt not worship false editors, VED is the one true
| > >             editor.
| >
| > (mumble)
| Actually, it's no longer ONE editor. As for truth, that's in vino. What
| was it Pontius Pilate said?

``Emacs is a pile of dingos kidneys''. But he was a VMS user, and anyway,
they lost the source when they rebooted the Bible.

Regards,    | "If taking devious pains was a sign of laziness, he was quite
Kers.       | prepared to call Hazelton the laziest man alive." Blish (m-o-l)

Sun, 07 Jul 1996 20:08:02 GMT  
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