RCLIB graphical extensions to pop11 etc in Poplog 
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 RCLIB graphical extensions to pop11 etc in Poplog

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Read on only if you are interested in graphicail interface tools for use
in a multi-language software development environment supporting Pop11,
prolog, Common Lisp and pop-11. The graphical tools are implented in
Pop11 but can be invoked via any of the other languages.

RCLIB NEWS: 20 Aug 1997

I have just completed further major extensions to the RCLIB package
extending the Poplog "relative coordinates' graphical facilities, and
further reducing dependence on Motif and openlook (e.g. Linux Poplog
users can now probably cope without having to obtain a Motif licence).

The latest addition is a text input box which can be added to any RCLIB
window, including an automatically formatted panel produced by

The text input field can be fixed length or extendable, and it scrolls
left and right when editing, where appropriate. It's easy to specify
fonts, colours, etc. and to trap various kinds of keyboard and mouse
events to add or remove functionality. Two basic modes provided are
arbitrary text input and number input (coping with all of the pop-11
number formats: integers, decimals, ratios, complex numbers).

The new code and documentation are included in the main tar file


For online browsing see


The latest changes and additions are summarised in


The control panel mechanism is described, with examples in


and text and number input facilities, plus a popup version of readline,


(No more non-editable text fields in Motif text widgets because your
Motif environment has been set up wrong.)

These facilities, and other things in the Birmingham Poplog directory
(e.g. sim_agent toolkit, poprulebase, AI teaching material) including
all source code and documentation are freely available to anyone who has

The programs cannot be run without Poplog, which is available from
Integral Solutions Ltd. See http://www.*-*-*.com/

Poplog runs on Suns, Digital Alphas with digital unix, VAX and Alpha
VMS, HP unix, SGI unix machines, and there is a version for Linux.

It includes pop11, prolog, common lisp and ML.

My RCLIB programs have been tested only under SunOS, Solaris,
Digital Unix on DEC Alphastations, and Linux Poplog on a PC.

Note to Sussex users: the tar file has been copied to rsunx as
and is available in ~aarons/rclib. Load ~aarons/rclib/rclib.p to make
everything work. For an introductory overview see


Aaron Sloman, ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~axs )
School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK
EMAIL A.Sloman at cs.bham.ac.uk(||| MAKE BULK EMAIL ADVERTS ILLEGAL |||)
Phone: +44-121-414-4775 (Sec 3711)       Fax:   +44-121-414-4281

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