New Book introduction AI through Pop-11 
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 New Book introduction AI through Pop-11

From Aaron Sloman Tue Dec 22 23:01:03 GMT 1992

Subject: a new addition to HELP POPREFS

%A Chris Thornton
%A Benedict du Boulay
%T Artificial Intelligence Through Search
%I Kluwer Academic (Paperback version Intellect Books)
%C Dordrecht Netherlands & Norwell, MA USA (Intellect at Oxford)
%D 1992

ISBN 1-871516-24-2
ISBN 0-7923-1868-4

This book, which just landed on my desk, introduces several areas of AI,
including game playing, planning, parsing, expert systems, concept
learning, via search. All examples are coded in both Pop-11 and Prolog,
and Appendix A is an introduction to Pop-11. All the code is available
on a 3.5" floppy disk from Intellect, in Oxford.

Aaron Sloman, School of Computer Science,
The University of Birmingham, B15 2TT, England

Phone: +44-(0)21-414-3711       Fax:   +44-(0)21-414-4281

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