ved and rxvt (Boring) 
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 ved and rxvt (Boring)

Rxvt is a smaller, faster xterm variant.  (E.g., it lacks textronix
mode, which most people with X windows probably have little interest
in.)  When I tried to run ved in an rxvt window, I found that scrolling
didn't work properly.  I tracked the problem to the function
vedansisetscrollregion in $usepop/pop/ved/src/vdscreen.p, which
specifies the region of the screen that ved wants to scroll, by sending
the terminal the region's first and last line numbers, surrounded by
suitable escape code mumbo jumbo.

EXCEPT, that the transmission of the bottom line number is qualified by
"unless bottom == vedscreenlength".  The revision history at the end of
vdscreen.p includes:

--- Rob Duncan, Apr  5 1990
Shortened sequence output by -vedansisetscrollregion- when region
is the whole screen.

Evidently most ansi terminals use the bottom line of the screen as a
default if no bottom line is given in the command.  Maybe the ansi
standard allows for this - I haven't checked. Anyway, rxvt doesn't
appear to work that way.  When I remove the unless and endunless around
the command to send the bottom line number, scrolling works fine.

In the short term, I'll make myself a vedrxvtscreen.p with an edited
vedsetscrollregion function (and anyone else who wants it is welcome, of
course).  In the longer term, should we do away with the unless clause
in vdscreen.p?  Not transmitting that extra number might have speeded up
ved over 2400 baud terminal lines, but does it still matter?


Mon, 15 Mar 2004 22:59:07 GMT  
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