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 lib objectclass

I have a different gripe about lib objectclass, namely that there seems to
be no portable way of getting at the name of a slot for the purposes of
writing things like browsers. With ordinary records it is quite easy - you
can get hold of the selector functions, and their names serve as
(non-unique) names for the components of the record. But the selector
functions for object class are of course not what is actually given to the
user (since the same function can be applied to derived classes
slot access requires the same kind of dispatch as activating any other
method). And they are anonymous - possibly this is less confusing for
anybody who might get their paws on them. But it doesn't help

No doubt I could find the right thing to change in the entrails of lib
objectclass, but of course I'd rather not.


Mon, 06 Jan 1997 03:55:46 GMT  
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