PLUG 95 - Call for Papers 
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 PLUG 95 - Call for Papers

                      BCS PLUG 95 - Call for Papers

This year the conference for the Poplog and Pop Languages User Group of
the British Computer Society (PLUG 95) will be held at the University of
Birmingham, England from Monday 10th - Wednesday 12th July at an
approximate cost of 50 pounds per day. The conference is endorsed by the
BCS Specialist Group for Expert Systems.

It is intended that tutorials and the PLUG AGM should be held on the
first day, leaving the remaining two days for presentations of papers.


You are invited to:

o   request that tutorials should be provided by the user group on any
particular topic related to the Poplog environment, its associated
packages, or the Pop languages: Pop11, Prolog, Lisp, ML.

o   offer a tutorial on any suitable topic.

Please convey your requests and offers to Alison Dale, see below.


Papers are invited on:

o   any aspect of the Poplog environment or its associated packages.

o   any aspect of the Poplog languages: Pop11, Prolog, Lisp, ML.

o   any commercial, industrial, technical, or scientific application of
Poplog, its associated packages, or its languages.

All papers will be presented in a single track, but authors are invited
to indicate whether they wish their papers to be submitted to a
scientific review or not. Reviewed papers will be indicated clearly in
the conference proceedings.

Draft papers of any length should be submitted to Alison Dale by
Monday May 1st (May Day) with an indication of whether they are to be
subjected to scientific review. The editor will then request that the
paper be presented in camera ready copy in a given format and number of
pages. Camera ready copy must be returned to Alison Dale by Friday,
May 26th.


All correspondence should be sent to:

Mr. Alison Dale, Integral Solutions Ltd, 3 Campbell Court, Bramley,
Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, RG26 5EG. Tel: 01256 882028,

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