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 Threaded Interpreted Languages

        Subject: Re: Threaded Interpreted Languages
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        Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1993 04:55:00 +0100

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        > Further to this; I have found that POPLOG's own behaviour becomes
        > somewhat unpredictable and irrational when swap space runs low, with a
        > distinct tendency for conditional branches to default to the else path
        > regardless of the evaluation performed, and without signalling any
        > error.

        This is obviously nonesense! Do you have a piece of code that does
        this? In 10 lines? In 100? I doubt it!

        It's easy to force Poplog to use a huge amount of heap for testing

            false -> popmemlim;
            vars whopper = initv(5e7); ;;; 50 million long words of store

        The above two lines will *not* effect the execution of *any*
        program! (except that garbage collections may take a few seconds ;)


Hello Ian.

Sorry I couldn't reply earlier, but I have been away at a conference.

Some of the replies I have recieved have suggested that the executable image of POPLOG might have been corrupted.

I have checked with the people at the University, whose equipment I have been using, and they agree that this is a very likely cause of the strange problems that I and others have been encountering.

As to the defaulting of conditional branches: This is not a whopper! It took some considerable testing by myself before I would believe what had been happening. There have also been a number of other equally strange pieces of behaviour experienced by myself and others at the University on that installation.

They say they are going to reinstall it!


Sat, 13 Apr 1996 20:59:44 GMT  
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