Making a Poplog propbox vertical in Motif. Help please. 
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 Making a Poplog propbox vertical in Motif. Help please.

I am designing and implementing an extendable user-tailorable menu-
driven interface for VED and Poplog applications.

I use the "propbox" datastructure provided in LIB PROPSHEET to create a
menu, but by default the buttons are arranged horizontally. I have found
out how to make them vertical under OpenLook, thanks to Adrian Howard at
Sussex, and I have made a guess at how to make them vertical under

I would be gratefile if someone using Poplog with Motif would
test my guess for me by trying the following, after running Pop-11

uses propsheet; ;;; should be already part of Pop-11, but in case not....

;;; create a propbox with four buttons labelled A, B, C, D.
vars propbox = propsheet_new_box('TEST', false, false, [A B C D]);

;;; show it on screen (buttons should come out horizontal)

;;; Now try to change its orientation:

;;; First load macro definitions for Motif

uses XmConstants

;;; Now change the orientation (I hope). Mark and load this:

             XtN orientation, TYPESPEC(:int)

;;; Does that change the alignment?

;;; Also see if you can change its location, width and height

(500, 20, 50, 200) -> XptWidgetCoords(propbox);

if any Motif+Poplog users can check this out and tell me if it works, or
tell me what is needed, I'll be very grateful.


Wed, 13 Dec 1995 22:46:43 GMT  
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