PLUG 93 - Updated Call for Papers 
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 PLUG 93 - Updated Call for Papers

                        *** PLUG 93 - CALL FOR PAPERS ***

Here is an updated call for papers with instructions for the preparation
of camera-ready copy. I have had just four offers of papers so far, so
come on guys - offer me more. Please pass on this call to any one you
think might be interested.

         CONTENTS - (Use <ENTER> g to access required sections)

 -- Introduction
 -- Pre-submission
 -- Submission
 -- Camera Ready Copy
 -- End

-- Introduction -------------------------------------------------------

PLUG93 will be held in association with ES93 on 13-15 December 1993 in
Cambridge, England.

13 December - Tutorials
14 December - Parallel: Technical and Applications Tracks
15 December - Parallel: Technical and Applications Tracks

Technical papers will be reviewed to conventional conference standards.
Applications papers will not be peer-reviewed, but will be assessed for

-- Pre-submission -----------------------------------------------------

Please e-mail me an abstract of any paper(s) you are planning to submit,
so that I can plan the refereeing process and also offer tender loving
care (bazookoids) to anyone who has trouble meeting the deadlines! :-)

Indicate whether you intend to submit as a technical paper (refereed) or
a pure applications paper (unrefereed).

Please send abstracts to:

-- Submission ---------------------------------------------------------

Full papers, of up to 5000 words are requested by Monday 9 August, 1993
on topics such as:

    - Poplog or other Pop-language developments.
    - Poplog or other Pop-language applications.
    - AI papers that incidentally use Poplog or Pop-languages.
    - Anything to do with theoretical isues of anything, case studies,
      new techniques or new algorithms, human management, document
      preparation, anything - just so long as the word "pop" occurs in

Submit 4 paper copies to

   Dr. James Anderson
   Department of Computer Science
   University of Reading
   RG6  2AY

Mark the envelope "PLUG93 - Technical" or "PLUG93 - Appliaction".

-- Camera Ready Copy --------------------------------------------------

(I assume everyone has laser printers, if not e-mail me and I will send
you the instructions for setting type-written material!)

-- 1 Text Typeface and Typesize ---------------------------------------

- Use Times Roman or Computer Modern typefaces.

- Use 12 on 15 point type i.e. 12 point type with 3 point leading.

- Use 15 point line spacing.

- Justify the text (no ragged right, except in titles).

- Page length is 41 lines of text. You can have figures, but do not
  extend the page length.

-- 2 Chapter Title, Author, and Subheadings ---------------------------

- Chapter (paper) title should be 20 point, left justified, set in lower
  case with initial capitals.

- Author in 16 point left justified.

- Affiliation in 12 point left justified, after a line space (15 point).

- Subheadings. Three types of heading are allowed which we will call A,
  B, and C.

- Subheadings (A).
  Leave a blank line above the heading.
  Set the heading in 12 point bold capitals.
  Left justify the heading.
  Begin the text on the line below.

  And here is its text.

- Subheading (B)
  Leave a blank line above the heading.
  Set the heading in 12 point bold lower case with initial capitals.
  Left justify the heading.
  Begin the text on the line below.

  1.1 This is a Subheading
  And here is its text.

- Subheading (C)
  Type C headings may only be used in proofs.

  Leave a blank line above the heading.
  Set the heading in 12 point itallic lower case.
  Left justify the heading.
  Begin the text on the same line i.e. let it run on.

  1.1.1 canonical description We wish to find a bijection from
        ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
        This should be itallic

- Paragraphs, leave a blank line between paragraphcs, but do not add
  extra space before a heading.

- Text Dimensions, 8.5 inches long by 6 inches wide.

- Running Heads and Page numbers. Do not put in running heads or page
  numbers, these will be added by the publisher. Write your name and
  page number lightly on the back of every page in pencil.

- References. Use the 'author (date)' system. Use the minimum of
  punctuation, use internationally accepted abbreviations for journal

- Equations. Proofs are introduced by 'C' type Subheadings, but you
  should number equations in a single numerical order e.g. (1), (2) etc.

  Use centered equations.
  Set equation number flush right.
  Leve a blank line before and after displayed mathematics.

- Tables. Number tables, if at all, in arabic numerals in a single

  Use centered tables.

- Artwork. Come on guys, you can print encapsulated postscript can't
  you? No? Then do the artwork in india ink on bond paper and supply
  glossy prints of any photographs. (Encapsulated PostScript really is
  easier you know.)

-- End ----------------------------------------------------------------

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