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 PLUG93 - Call for Papers

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-- Introduction -------------------------------------------------------

PLUG93 will be held in association with ES93 on 13-15 December 1993 in
Cambridge, England.

13 December - Tutorials
14 December - Parallel: Technical and Applications Tracks
15 December - Parallel: Technical and Applications Tracks

Technical papers will be reviewed to conventional conference standards.
Applications papers will not be peer-reviewed, but will be assessed for

-- Pre-submission -----------------------------------------------------

Please e-mail me an abstract of any paper(s) you are planning to submit,
so that I can plan the refereeing process and also offer tender loving
care (bazookoids) to anyone who has trouble meeting the deadlines! :-)

Indicate whether you intend to submit as a technical paper (refereed) or
a pure applications paper (unrefereed).

Please send abstracts to:

-- Submission ---------------------------------------------------------

Full papers, of up to 5000 words are requested by Monday 9 August, 1993
on topics such as:

    - Poplog or other Pop-language developments.
    - Poplog or other Pop-language applications.
    - AI papers that incidentally use Poplog or Pop-languages.
    - Anything to do with theoretical isues of anything, case studies,
      new techniques or new algorithms, human management, document
      preparation, anything - just so long as the word "pop" occurs in

Submit 4 paper copies to

   Dr. James Anderson
   Department of Computer Science
   University of Reading
   RG6  2AY

Mark the envelope "PLUG93 - Technical" or "PLUG93 - Appliaction".

-- Camera Ready Copy --------------------------------------------------

I will post-out instructions for the preparation of camera-ready copy

-- End ----------------------------------------------------------------

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