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 GSL and Lapack


In the context of my question about external calls, you asked about the
relationship of the Gnu Scientific Library and Lapack. My impressions
are as follows - I'm copying this to pop-forum in case anyone else is

Both GSL ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) and Lapack (
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) are freely available
numerical software packages. Lapack is also supplied by some
manufacturers - e.g. it's part of Sun's lib sunperf which comes as one
of the Solaris packages - and appears to be an industry standard. Both
seem well established and well supported, though GSL is more of a
community effort than Lapack.

Lapack does linear algebra only. GSL covers linear algebra but is far
broader in scope.

For linear algebra, Lapack is, I think, more "heavy-duty": the
algorithms are more carefully worked out and there is more generality
and support for special kinds of operations. The GSL manual contains the
following, at the start of the linear algebra chapter:

    "[The GSL linear algebra functions] are intended for use with
    'small' systems where simple algorithms are acceptable.

    "Anyone interested in large systems will want to use the
    sophisticated routines found in LAPACK. The fortran version of
    LAPACK is recommended as the standard package for linear algebra."

I do not really know what this means in practice - specifically I don't
know what "large" means and how big the performance and accuracy
differences are for a given degree of "largeness". Empirical
investigation is needed - I expect someone has published a comparison

GSL is written in C and Lapack in Fortran. Fortran is probably a better
language for numerical computing, and its array storage scheme is a
better match to Pop-11's (which defaults to column-major[1]).

GSL supplies typedefs for its vector and matrix arguments. This means
that either programs have to be written with GSL in mind, or there has
to be a lot of work at the interface to wrap up ordinary arrays as GSL
structs. I want to be able to operate on ordinary arrays (a given
program might use lots of other packages too), so I'd have to provide
special interface tools for GSL. (By the way, the gsl_vector type does
not incorporate an offset for the first element, so I'd *still* have the
addressing problem that I've been asking about.)

Lapack takes information about matrix dimensions (which are contained in
the GSL structs) as separate arguments to the routines. This may be
viewed as old-fashioned and inelegant, but it's actually very convenient
if you want to make casual use of the library rather than build your
program round it.

Lapack explicitly uses BLAS (a standardised set of very low-level linear
algebra tools, which can be optimised for different platforms so that
higher-level code can be platform independent). GSL provides an
interface to BLAS, and I assume makes use of it for its own routines,
but I'm not entirely sure.

A comparison you didn't ask about, but might have, is with * VEC_MAT. I
have to admit I'm not happy about several aspects of VEC_MAT's design,
but one problem with it is its lack of Eigenvector/Eigenvalue and
Singular Value decompositions - the latter is what prompted me to look
around for something else.

The other obvious point of comparison is with NAg, which has tremendous
scope and quality, but which you have to buy.

I'm writing a Pop-11 interface to some of Lapack which I'll make public
when it's done. I might also have a go at an interface for GSL.


[1] Yes, the Poplog default is array-by-column. POPARRAY_BY_ROW is
misnamed and the documentation is all wrong - and always has been!

Mon, 17 Oct 2005 18:24:47 GMT  
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