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 New Members List [regular posting]

Hi all,

Here's the [semi-] regular posting of the pop-forum members list.  It
should be self-explanatory.  People regularly send me updates, still, and
it appears to be a document in active use -- so if you've a desire to

includes all the updates I've received.  [With the exception of
Roger Evans who told me his details were always wrong no matter how
many times he asks me to change them.  But didn't send any change
details.  Ah well ...]


                  ** Pop-Forum Distribution List **

This a partial list of the people currently on the pop-forum distribution
list.  (There are many people who either haven't send me an entry or don't
want to be included.)  To get added to the list, send me some details which
should include some indication of your areas of interest.  Please notify me
of any errors and I will correct them as soon as possible.  At the end of
this list I include

    *   The list of "agony uncles" who are prepared to answer any Pop-related
        question in there area of scope.  They are the right people to direct
        FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to.

    *   A full list of all the Pop and Pop Languages User Group (PLUG)
        committee members

    *   Instructions for accessing the PLUG source code archive.

If you wish to add to or alter anything on the contents of this list then
simply write, telephone, or e-mail me.  I shall periodically mail this list as

I can redirect that alias when I am on holiday.

Pop-forum is unmoderated.  Out of courtesy to the diverse readers, if you have
material of significant commercial or political content, or remain in doubt
concerning its suitability, simply send it to the above address with a request
to relay the message.  This system has worked well in the past.

    == Steve Knight ==

Conventions for this file:
    1.  This file has been arranged so that VED_INDEXIFY will produce a
        useful index.
    2.  Any changes since the last mailing are flagged by a plus sign "+"
        appearing in the leftmost column.  These can be deleted by the

    3.  Where several mail addresses are given the topmost is assumed to
        be the most prefered.
    4.  When a telephone number includes an extension, this is indicated
        by a single "x".  Dashes are merely used to break numbers into
        readable groups. (eg. 0272-799910 x 28061)


-- Anderson, James

Address     Reading University
+ Tel         0734-31-8616
    Vision & AI
    PLUG committee member
    Poplog on SUN-3
    VAX 11/750

-- Atwell, Eric Steven

+    Centre for Computer Analysis of Language And Speech
+    Artificial Intelligence Division
+    School of Computer Studies
+    University of Leeds
+    Leeds LS2 9JT
+Tel.       (0532) - 335761
+    probabilistic Natural Language modelling for speech recognition
+    language learning, Corpus analysis
+    KBS applications in Universities
+    POPLOG on SGI (Silicon Graphics Indigo) and Suns

-- Banks, Bob

Address    Computer Science Dept.,
           Nottingham University.
Tel        0602-484848 x 3813
Interests  Vision
           Neural nets

-- Barraclough, L

-- Beasley, David

+ Address
+     Dept. of Computing Maths
+     University of Wales College of Cardiff
+     PO Box 916
+     Cardiff CF2 4YN
+ Tel           0222-874812
+ Interests     AI, genetic algorithms
+ Using         Pop-11 (v14.1) on SUN 3 and DEC RISC VAX

-- Bennett, Martin

Address     Cambridge Consultants Ltd
Tel         (0223)-358855

-- Blomeley, Francis

    Computer Centre,
    Polytechnic of Central London
Tel.        01-486-5811 x 6401
Interests   Prolog, Lisp, Connectionism
Using       Poplog on SUN network

-- Bramer, Max

Address     Portsmouth Polytechic

--Brna, Paul

    Dept. of Artificial Intelligence,
    University of Edinburgh,
    80 South Bridge,
    Edinburgh EH1 1HN,
Tel.       (031) - 2257774 x 243
    Prolog environments, intelligent exploratory environments,
    intelligent tutoring systems.
Using   poplog 13.0 under UNIX 4.3 on a SUN3/75

-- Brown, Jason

Address    Edinburgh University

-- Burton, Mike

Address     Psychology, Nottingham University

-- Buxton, Hilary

    Dept of Computer Science
    Queen Mary College
    University of London
    Mile End Road
    London E1 4NS
Easylink    19019285
Telex       893750 QMCUOL
Tel         071 975 5555
Using       Sun workstations (Alvey IKBS/SERC)
Interests   AI Computer Vision

-- Caley, Richard

    Center for Speech Technology Research,
    University of Edinburgh,
    80, South Bridge,
    EH1 1HN
Tel         (031) 650 2766
Interests   Automatic Planning, Text Generation, Speech synthesis
Using       Poplog 13.7 on Sun-4's
Hobby       Fully qualified Emacs advocate...

-- Cheese, Andy

    Department of Computer Science
    University of Nottingham
    University Park
    Nottingham NG7 2RD
    Functional vs. Logic Programming
    If You Can't Decide Between Em,
            - Join Em

-- Clark, Doug

    Voice: +44 225 826826*5214

    UUCP : seismo!mcvax!ukc!bath63!cc_dgdc

    Computer Unit, Bath University,
    Claverton Down, Bath, Avon,
    England BA2 7AY
Using      Poplog on GEC Series 63
Interests  Poplog System Manager

-- Cole, Andrew

    Computer Based Learning Unit
    University of Leeds
    Leeds  LS2 9JT
Tel     +44 532 431751 Ext 7117
    VAX/VMS     (Poplog 11.0)
    VAX/4.2bsd  (Poplog 11.0)
    (soon to be Ultrix 1.2)
    SUN-2/120   (Poplog 11.0)
    Poplog/Common Lisp
    Machine Learning (SERC/Alvey IKBS)
    ICAI, CAL, Planning

-- Corne, Dave

    Department of Artificial Intelligence,
    University of Edinburgh,
    Forrest Hill, Edinburgh, EH1 2QL U.K.
Tel          +44 31 650 3084

-- Cottam, Mike

    Computing Centre,
    UWC Cardiff,
    40-41 Park Place,
    Cardiff CF1 3BB.
Tel         0222-874875 ext 5573

-- Culverhouse, Phil

Address     Plymouth University
Tel         (0752)-225885

-- Cunningham, Jon

Address    BMT Ltd, Teddington

-- de Greef, Bart

    Philips Research Laboratories
    Building WB229,
    P.O. Box 80.000
    5600 JA Eindhoven
    The Netherlands
Tel        +31 40 744217

-- Dartnall, Terry
+ Email

+ Local distribution list

+ Address
+     Computing & Information Technology
+     Griffith University
+     Nathan, Brisbane, Queensland 4111
+     Australia
+ Tel         +61 7 875 5020
+ Interests
+     Philosophical issues in AI and cognitive science;
+     Knowledge Representation, NLP, ITS

-- Dollin, Chris

Address     HP Labs (see address list)
Using       HP9000/375 Poplog 14.0

-- Eagle, Colin G.

    School of Information Sciences,
    Massey University,
    Palmerston North,
    New Zealand
Fax     +64 63 505611
Tel.    +64 63 69099 x 7523
    Expert Systems, particularly Biological Identification ES's.
    Machine learning.
    Planning systems.
    Poplog Admin
    Poplog on SUN-3

-- Edwards, Peter

    Department of Computing Science,
    University of Aberdeen,
    King's College,
    AB9 2UB
Tel.        (0224)-272270
    AI & Chemical Spectroscopy
    Machine Learning
    Frames & Blackboarding

-- Evans, Roger

Address     School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences (see addresses)
Tel         (0273)-606755 x 2355
    VAX 11/750 Unix, Sun2/3 Unix
    (Pre-release Poplog - upgraded frequently!)
    Natural Language - Parsing and Generation
    Research development environments and tools
    currently working on natural language generation from plans
    PLUG committee member

-- Fairwood, Roger

    Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
    University of Surrey
    Surrey  GU2 5XH
Tel     (0483) 571281
Using   Poplog vsn 13.6 on Sun4 and Sun SPARC stations
    3D vision - recognition using Prolog descriptions of images & models.
    Using Poplog's Prolog for teaching AI programming
    Probabilistic reasoning - for vision?

-- Fitch, John

    School of Mathematical Sciences
    University of Bath, Claverton Down,
    Bath BA2 7AY.
Tel             (0225)-826820
Interests       Developing portable Common LISP tools.
    Poplog V12.01 on SUN 3
    Poplog V.10 on GEC Series 63

-- Fu, Li-Min

-- Goode, A.

-- Graham, Norman

    Aston Business School
    Aston University
    Aston Triangle
    Birmingham B4 7ET

-- Hearn, David

Address     RSRE Malvern
Tel        (0684) 892733 x 3712

-- Higgins, Graham

Address     HP Labs (see address list)
Using       HP9000/375  (Poplog 14.0)
Interests   Cognitive Psychology

-- Howard, Adrian

+ Address     School of Cognitive and Computing Science, University of Sussex
+ Voice       [+44] 0273-678367
+ Interests   AI, X Windows, HCI
+ Using       POPLOG (Sussex development versions)

-- Hunter, Jim

    Department of Computing Science,
    University of Aberdeen,
    King's College,
    AB9 2UB
Tel.        (0224)-272287
Using       SUN 3 (Poplog v13.0)
    IKBS as applied to Medicine, in particular the representation
    and use of deep knowledge

-- Kirby, Ian

    Dept. Computing Science
    University of Aberdeen
    Aberdeen, AB9 2UB
Using       Pop-11 13.6 on Sun-4 (SPARC)
Interests   Qualitative Reasoning/Qualitative Modelling

-- John, Shaji

    71 Pondview Drive
    Amherst, MA 01002.
Tel.        (413) 253 - 5954
School Address
    Dept. of Industrial Engr. and Operations Research
    University of Massachusetts
    Amherst, MA 01003.
School Tel. (413) 545 - 0015.
    As part of my Master's thesis I am developing a knowledge based
    system for the systems diagnostics module of a discrete event simulation
    environment. It is being implemented using POPLOG (with the code in POP11
    and Prolog) running on a Sun 3 workstation.

-- Johnson, M.

-- Law, Alistair

Address    MLURI, Aberdeen

-- Lawson, Tony

Address     Essex University
Using       GEC Series 63

-- Leaning, Mark

Address     Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London

-- Lishman, Roly

    Department of Computer Science
    University of Aberdeen
    Old Aberdeen AB9 2UB
Tel         (0224) 272306

-- Logan, Brian Stuart

    {...!mcvax}!ukc!aifh!brian                 UUCP
    Department of Artificial Intelligence,
    University of Edinburgh,
    Forrest Hill, Edinburgh, EH1 2QL U.K.
Tel          +44 31 650 3084

-- Keenan, Frank

    Also on the Nottingham distribution list
    The use of syntactic information as an aid in script

-- Knight, Caroline

Address     HP Labs (see address list)
Tel         (0272)-228040
Using       HP9000/375 (Poplog 14.0)
   Committee member of AISB
   Knowledge acquisition & representation
   Machine learning

-- Knight, Steve

Address     HP Labs (see address list)
Tel         (0272)-228061
Using       HP9000/375  (Poplog 14.0)
    Pop forum administrator
    Pop11 standardisation

-- Marsden, Alan

    Department of Music
    Queen's University of Belfast
    Belfast  BT7 1NN

-- Marsden, Paul E.

    The Polytechnic Of Huddersfield,
    Queensgate, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire  HD1 3DH.
    Natural language parsing, general problem solvers.

-- Mather, Paul

-- McCall, Helen

+Address  Plymouth Marine Laboratory
+ Interests
+    Computer Scientist/Biologist.
+    Identification of marine phytoplankton using neural networks.

-- Merry, Martin

Address     HP Labs (see address list)
Using       HP9000/375 (Poplog 14.0)

-- Moffat, Dave

    Dept of AI
    80 Southbridge
    EH1 1HN

-- Montero, Luis

    28020 - MADRID
    AI Methodology - KA - KBS Life-Cycle (actual job)
    Parallel Computers - Concurrent (Logic-Functional-Other)
        programming languages
    Constraint and Logic Programming - TMSs - Planning and
        Scheduling - AI in Design and Manufacturing
    Natural Language Front-Ends

-- Morton, Clark

Address     Integral Solutions Ltd (see address list)

-- Nielsen, Tom

+ Address
+     Cognitive Science Program
+     Dept. of Computer Science
+     University of Western Australia
+     Nedlands,  W.A.  6009  AUSTRALIA
+ Interests
+     Cognitive modelling, Lexical Access and
+     Representation.  SOAR.
+ Background
+     Graduated from Univ. of Sussex in Expt. Psychology

-- O'Donoghue, Tim F.

    AI Division
    School of Computer Studies
    University of Leeds
    Leeds LS2 9JT
    Natural Language Processing
    Probabilistic Parsing
    Semantic Interpretation
    POPLOG 13.8 on SPARCstations plus the occasional Sun3

-- Obiorah, T.

-- Osborne, Karen

Address     Integral Solutions Ltd (see address list)

-- Paine, Jocelyn

    St. Peter's College
    New Inn Hall Street
    Oxford OX1 2DL

-- Paterson, Gordon

            We are not fully NRS registered - our number is
            000071001060 {.FTP.X29.FTP.MAIL.TS29}
    The CAD Centre
    University Of Strathclyde
    131 Rotten Row
Tel         041 552 4400 x 3056
Using       SUNs
    We are an Alvey IKBS funded project whose area of interest is Knowledge
    Based Systems and particularly, the use of SUN graphics from POPLOG.

-- Payne, Nigel

-- Petty, Linda

-- Pitchers, Steve

-- Popplestone, Robin

    Dept. of Computer and Information Science
    Lederle Graduate Research Center
    University of Massachsetts
    Amherst, MA  01003, USA
Tel. (0101) (413) 545 3140/3143
    Co-inventor of original POP language
    Robotics: currently applying Group Theory to reasoning about
              spatial relations.
    Pantechnicon: A typographical editor/environment
    Marketing Poplog to academics in USA and Canada
        (via new company: Computable Functions Inc, at Amherst)
    Poplog (POP-11 and Prolog) on SUN3

-- Poynter, L.

-- Preist, Chris

-- Price, Chris

-- Raghunandana, K.

-- Ross, Simon

    Department of Computer Science
    University College London
    Gower Street, London
    WC1E 6BT
Tel         01-387-7050 ext 3071

-- Rubinstein, Ben

Address     Cognitive Applications Ltd (see address list)
Tel         (0273)-821600
    Technical manager for AlphaPop
    (POP-11 for personal computers)

-- Sherwoord, Andrew, J

Address     Staffordshire Polytechnic
    Senior Programmer at Staffordshire Polytechnic

-- Sloman, Aaron

Address     School of Computer Science
            The University of Birmingham
            Birmingham B15 2TT
    SPARCServer, SPARCstations, X terminals, Sun3/4, Apollo Domain,
    and shortly also HP Servers and workstations
    Philosophical foundations of Artificial Intelligence
    Various aspects of AI modelling: vision, motivation, emotions,
        comparative analysis of different kinds of representations.
    User Interface Design Environments
    One of the originators of Poplog.

-- Smith, Robert

+    Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd,
+    Edmund Halley Road,
+    Oxford Science Park,
+    Oxford, OX4 4GA
+    Distributed intelligent systems, compiler design,
+    processor architectures, object oriented systems,
+    communications.

-- Smithers, Tim

Address     Department of Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh University
    Currently leading the Edinburgh Design-to-Product team to build the
    Edinburgh Designer System using Poplog.

-- Soul, Michael

-- Staines, Phillip

    School of Philosophy
    University of South Wales
    P.O. Box 1
    N.S.W. 2033

-- Sumiga, John

    School of Computing and Information Technology
    The Polytechnic, Wolverhampton
    Wulfruna Street
    WV1 1SB

-- Sullivan, Geoffrey

Address     Reading University
Interests   Vision & AI (Research and Teaching)
Using       Poplog on SUN-4

-- Taylor, Philip

    Royal Holloway & Bedford New College;
    University of London; Egham Hill; Egham;
    Surrey; U.K.
Tel         Egham (0784) 443172
Interests   General.

-- Thornton, Chris

+ Address     School of COGS, University of Sussex
    machine learning
    connectionism/neural networks

-- Towers, Simon

    Medical Research Council
    Cytogenetics Unit
    Western General Hospital
    Crewe Road,
    Edinburgh EH4 2XU
Tel         031 - 332 2471
Using       VAX 11/780
    Research into the design and implementation of knowledge based systems for
    the control and feedback mechanisms involved in model invocation for
    computer vision.

-- Wass, T.

-- Wathanasin, Sak
Email      off the net currently
Tel        (+44) 532 444566

-- Wood, Andy

    British Antarctic Survey
    High Cross
    Madingley Road
    Cambridge, CB3 0ET
Tel         0223 61188

-- Worrall, Anthony

Address     Reading University
Interests   Vision & AI
Using       Poplog on SUN-3, VAX 11/750

-- Wright, Joan

    Dept of Computing,
    UWIST (University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology)
Using       VAX/VMS Poplog & SUN 3 Poplog

-- Wu, Jiashu

Address     Transport Studies Group
            University College London
            Gower Street
            London  WC1E 6BT
Tel         (071)-3877050 x 2085
Fax         (071)-3835580
Using       Poplog 13.6 under SUN-OS 4.0.3 on a SUN3/160
    Expert system  and integrating expert system with other software such as
    database management system
    AI, Computer Vision

-- Zaba, Stefek

Address     HP Labs (see address list)
Using       HP9000/350 (Poplog 14.0)

My thanks go to the people mentioned here who have taken the time and
trouble to support local distribution lists.

    This is a distribution list set up by Robert Ash at Aberystwyth

    This is a distribution list set up by Dave Dingwall.

    This distribution list is set up by Hans Buurman and serves the

    This is a distribution list set up by Andrew Cole on the AI Vax at
    Leeds University for the local PopLog community.

    An exploder list set up by Luc Beaudoin of Birmingham University.

    This is a distribution list at the University of Plymouth set
    up by Phil Culverhouse.

    This distribution list is managed by Tom Khabaza at ISL.

    This is a distribution list set up by Alan Hulme (Engineering Comp. Mgr.)
    of the Engineering Dept at the University of Warwick

    This is a distribution list currently being run by James Goodlet at
    Sussex University.   Tel: 0273 678188

    This is a bulletin board set up by Philip Taylor at the Royal Holloway
    Bedford New College.

    This is a distribution list set up at Hull University

    List set up by Chris Thornton

    This is a distribution list set up for Bath University

    This is a distribution list at Aberdeen set up by Alastair Allen.

    This is a distribution list set up by Terry Dartnell at Griffith
    University (Queesland, Austrialia)

    This is a distribution list set up by Flash Sheridan at Queen Mary

    This is a distribution list set up by David Hearn at RSRE Malvern

    This is a distribution list set up by Mike Bell at Cambridge Consultants
    Ltd (CCL)

    This is a distribution list set up by Roly Lishman at Aberdeen

    This is a distribution list set up by Simon Towers of the Medical
    Research Council, Edinburgh.

    This is a distribution list set up by James Anderson at Reading

    This is a distribution list administered by Jonathan Cunningham

    at British Maritime Technology (I think, apologies if it's Marine,
    rather than Maritime, Jonathan.)


+The POPLOG and POP Languages User Group (PLUG) is a specialist sub-group
+of the British Computer Society (BCS).

+    James Goodlet
+    Sussex University

+    Andy Williams
+    Birmingham University

+    Anthony Worrall
+    Reading University

+    Ian Rogers
+    Sussex University

Conference Organiser:
+    James Anderson
+    Reading University

+    Steve Knight
+    Hewlett-Packard Laboratories


Suggestions and advice can be sought from pop-forum which generally provides
solutions quickly. However, you may feel that that you do not wish to
publicise your problems, perhaps because they are too "trivial" or perhaps
because they are sensitive. In this case, you can write to one or more of the
agony uncles below. They will try to answer your questions personally.  If
they do not know an answer, or your problem is intrinsically interesting, then
they may put the question to the forum, but without using your name. So you
should get an answer mailed to you in person, or by reading the ensuing
discussion.  If you are prepared to volunteer as an agony uncle, let me know.

+ When writing to one of the volunteers, please clearly indicate that you are
+ writing in that context.  (Otherwise the volunteer may think it is misdirected
+ mail!)

Roger Evans

    advice on   pop11, prolog, ved

+ John Williams

    advice on   lisp

+ Adrian Howard

    advice on   X, "external" facilities, pop-11, ved

+ Steve Knight

    advice on   Anything!  Nothing is too weird!

Jocelyn Paine

    advice on   prolog

Chris Price

    advice on   pop11

-- ** PLUG Source Code Archive **

+ The Poplog and Pop Languages User Group (PLUG) maintain an archive of Poplog
+ source code accessible via anonymous ftp.  Currently, the archive resides at
+ HP Labs:
+     ftp OR
+     ftp
+ The archive itself is held in the file plug.tar.Z and is a compressed, tar
+ archive.  It should be transfered using BINARY mode and recovered as
+ follows.
+     uncompress < plug.tar.Z | tar xf -
+ The archive is organised in the same way as $usepop and $poplocal.  The
+ instructions for installing it at your own site are provided in README
+ files.
+ The old PLUG Archive Server is now obsolete.  It was both troublesome and
+ expensive to run.  The current system, although having a more restricted
+ distribution, is capable of dealing with the expanded archive and is much
+ more convenient to distribute and update.

-- ** ADDRESSES **

To avoid needless repetition when more than one member comes from the same
organisation, some common addresses have been moved to this section.

-- Cognitive Applications Ltd
    4 Sillwood Terrace,
    BN1 2LR
Tel     (0273)-821600

-- School of Cognitive and Computing Science
    University of Sussex
    BN1 9QH
Tel     (0273) 606755

-- Hewlett-Packard Labs,
    Filton Road,
    Stoke Gifford,
    Bristol BS12 6QZ
Tel     (0272) 799910
Fax     (0272) 790076

-- Integral Solutions Ltd
    Unit 3, Cambell Court,
    England RG26 5EG
Tel     (0256) 882028
Fax     (0256) 882182

-- KBS in Engineering Research Group
    Faculty of Technology,
    The Open University,
    Walton Hall,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK7 6AA
Tel 0908 653386
Fax 0908 653744

-- School of Cognitive and Computing Science
    University of Sussex
    BN1 9QH
Tel     (0273) 606755

** Steve Knight, Thu Jan 15, 1987                                          **

** Hewlett Packard Labs, Filton Rd, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS12 6QZ       **
** Tel (0272)-228061

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