Location of PLUG code archive? 
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 Location of PLUG code archive?

Can anyone point me at the PLUG Poplog code archive? HELP POPARCHIVE on
Poplog 15.01 says it's in ftp://hplose.hpl.hp.com/pub/plug.tar.Z, but I
don't see it there. So does the relevant page in
ftp://ftp.cogs.susx/.ac.uk/pub/plug/plughelp.tar.Z (pointed to from Ian
Rogers' home page).

I was looking for the OBJECTCLASS package documentation: I think I
remember once reading a comparison between it and FLAVOURS, in a HELP
file written by Steve Knight, which had some interesting comments on the
philosophy of OOP in general. By the way, OBJECTCLASS doesn't appear to
be part of my Poplog 15.01; at what future version will it be included?


Wed, 25 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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