UK funding council teaching and learning technology programme(PS) 
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 UK funding council teaching and learning technology programme(PS)

A few days ago I circulated a rather vague set of ideas and as a result
of responses received and offers of collaboration now have a proposal
nearly complete that will go to the funding council shortly. It's
based on four departments at Birmingham and four other universities
plus support from ISL.

We'll use the latest graphical and hypermedia extensions to Poplog to
provide better front ends to existing Poplog teaching packages developed
at various sites, and to develop new packages, for teaching AI (vision,
language, expert systems, etc.), Computer Science (programming,
graphics, image processing, etc.), psychology (including statistics for
psychologists), medicine (e.g. diagnosis techniques), education
(possibly, e.g. how to evaluate this sort of courseware!) and other

The expectation is that other disciplines can be drawn in after some of
the early work has been demonstrated.

We have a few sites offering to be users of these teaching packages,
or at least to try them out, and would welcome more. It may help the
proposal if we can mention places that might be interested, without
formally committing anyone to anything! Non academic sites are
particularly welcome, e.g. if you do in-house training.


Sat, 11 Nov 1995 16:30:31 GMT  
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