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 propsheet colours

Has anyone tried changing foreground and background colours in
connection with lib propsheet?

My problem is that I prefer light text on a dark background, and on a
colour terminal I use a yellow foreground and royalblue2 background.
In this context, LIB PROPSHEET picks up the wrong defaults and gives
me dark blue (I think) text on a lighter blue background, which is
almost useless.

So how can a procedure that calls propsheet_new_box and propsheet_new
set the colours? As far as I can see TEACH PROPSHEET gives no help.

All help gratefully received, except advice on which X manuals to read.
I absolutely refuse to go and read X manuals to find out how to drive
Pop-11 facilities: it should all be doable using pop-11 idioms.


Fri, 08 Dec 1995 01:03:17 GMT  
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