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 Modified version of objectclass

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Brian Logan found a problem with wrappers in objectclass, and reported
it to Steve Leach. Steve provided a new version of objectclass with the
problem fixed  (version 1.2.1 = objectclass-10201)

Anyone who wishes to install it can fetch it from here:

                148887 bytes    Nov 27 18:29

After fetching it

    - First remove or rename the existing objectclass directory

    - Change directory to $usepop/pop/lib

    - untar the tar file

        gunzip -c ....../objectclass-10201.tar.gz | tar xf -


        tar xf ....../objectclass-10201.tar.gz

You can browse hte new version, including the news file, here:


Unfortunately the news file is in the format of a ved file with Ved's
special characters. So it will look a bit strange in a Web browser.

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Mon, 16 May 2005 10:38:40 GMT  
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