Poplog under XDarwin/MacOSX 
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 Poplog under XDarwin/MacOSX

Not that this will be much use to you, but I've concluded that OS X on
its own is not enough. So in order to run Pop, SlickEdit and other UNIX
applications that aren't yet ported to OS X, I've installed (Mandrake)
linux on a PC. I display on my Mac. I use a P3 700MHz and it's fast
enough. I've also used a P150 and got along just fine. (As an aside,
I'm happy to say that I hardly ever boot  the legacy OS (Windows) on
that PC anymore (knock on wood).)

Incidentally, I recommend the OroboroOSX window manager.



> I have had the following query about poplog on Apple OS X

> My reply is appended to his message. Just in case someone has more
> information I am broadcasting this message with his permission.

> Feel free to reply direct to him if you know of any work on poplog on
> power PC, or on Apple OS X.

> Aaron

> Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 15:33:42 +0000
> Subject: Poplog under XDarwin/MacOSX

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> Hi,

> I wonder if any of the available Unix versions would run on Mac OS X?
> I have installed X11 from XFree86.org and have XWindows up and running
> happily on my Mac, so I suspect that it may be possible?
> Thanks for your advice,

> Marcos Rodrigues.

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>> From Aaron Sloman Sat Nov 30 16:20:03 GMT 2002

> Subject: Re: Poplog under XDarwin/MacOSX

> Marcos,

> Thanks for your message.

>> I wonder if any of the available Unix versions would run on Mac OS X?
>> I have installed X11 from XFree86.org and have XWindows up and running
>> happily on my Mac, so I suspect that it may be possible?

> Yes, but it will need some work to be done by someone who is familiar
> with some of the innards of poplog, and will require a working poplog
> on
> another machine.

> There was a port of poplog to IBM aix on Power PC, though I don't know
> if anyone still has or uses a working version of that. But the full
> system. as it was in 1998, including sources is available at the free
> poplog site:

>     http://www.*-*-*.com/
>            15324443 bytes

> I doubt that the system calls are compatible with OS X, though I assume
> the code to generate machine instructions at run time will work for the
> incremental compiler.

> I don't know whether OS X and AIX use the same unix assembler. If not
> some changes will have to made to the portion of the system that
> generates assembler files for rebuilding poplog.

> The core of poplog is mostly written in pop-11, which is why a working
> version is needed to recompile and bootstrap a new version. There are
> also a few assembler files that may need editing and some C files
> that may need editing.

> For someone who understands poplog and how to port it the work could
> take between a few days and a few weeks. I don't know enough to give
> an accurate estimate.

> I understand that OS X is based on Freebsd rather than linux, and I
> don't know how much impact that difference makes. I have been told
> that PC linux poplog works as it is under freebsd, which is a good
> sign.

> It would be nice to get poplog ported to OS X, but I don't know of
> anyone who has the motivation and the time!

> Is it something you'd like to work on?

> It's possible that you could get a different answer by posting to the

> which
> is linked to the newsgroup.

> I could post your message if you wish.

> [He replied saying yes please.]

> Aaron
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