Vector arguments to external procedures 
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 Vector arguments to external procedures

For anyone who took an interest in the problem I had passing offset
vector arguments to external procedures (thanks again to those who
helped), my solution (for such I fondly believe it to be) may be
inspected at http://www.*-*-*.com/
the pointers for "excall".

The help file contains, towards the end, a description of my reasons for
the choice of method that I made.


Wed, 02 Nov 2005 00:40:30 GMT  
 Vector arguments to external procedures


> Maybe there is some sort of cacheing going on, but I see
> nothing looking like "excall" on the link you give.

David wrote

> > . Follow
> >the pointers for "excall".

It is there, the first item in the file.

This is how the page looks to me
(except that I have added line breaks)

   Poplog contributions - David Young

   I have made several contributions to Poplog.

   The main one is the Popvision package, which may be found here at the
   Birmingham Poplog site. This includes material for teaching and doing
   research in Computer Vision, and also a multi-layer perceptron
   ("backprop") package.

   Here are some packages which may not have made it to the Birmingham

    * External function call with vector-offset arguments.
      excall: library, help file (ved characters), help file
      (plain text) and help file (HTML)
    * Extensions to Ved to speed up editing HTML (not an HTML
      previewer - but able to save you a lot of keystrokes if
      you edit HTML source)
      ved_html: library and help file
    * A Boyer-Moore-type algorithm for fast string searching.
      Sometimes very much faster than standard string searching,
      though not in fact optimal.
      quick_substrings: library and help file
    * A permutation generator.
      permutations: library, help file (ved characters) and help
      file (plain text)
So maybe you have a cache problem.


Wed, 02 Nov 2005 06:48:00 GMT  
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