GCL on DEC-Alpha+Which X-Lisp?? 
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 GCL on DEC-Alpha+Which X-Lisp??


> Date: Tue, 7 Nov 1995 16:29:34 GMT
> Organization: Centre for Cognitive Science, Edinburgh, UK
> ...

> I used PopLog Common Lisp some years back.  I'm not sure how much
> it's changed since then or, in particular, how far it's moved from
> the 1st edition of CLtL Common Lisp to 2nd edition CLtL or ANSI
> Common Lisp.

I asked John Williams, the main Lisp implementor in the Poplog
development team (at ISL and Sussex University) and he said:

    "Poplog 15 Common Lisp is a near-complete implementation of
    CLtL2, the only omissions being user-defined method combination,
    the new pretty printer, and `compile-file'".



> BUT:  The CLOS question.

> I don't know anything about CLOS in PopLog CL.  I didn't try
> to use it.

The online Poplog Lisp News file states:

1994 Apr 28 (John Williams)
    o Poplog Common Lisp now includes an almost complete implementation
    of CLOS (the Common Lisp Object System) as discussed in Steele 1990,
    Chapter 28. The main omission is that currently only standard method
    combination is supported.

But I can't comment on how well it is implemented. If you fetch the
free Linux Poplog from


you'll be able to check for yourself, and perhaps post a summary.

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