reporting pop bugs. 
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 reporting pop bugs.

> I read in the REAME file for Linux poplog that it is completely
> unsupported and that we should come here for assistance. That's fair
> enough, but what I want to know is: Are they interested in hearing bug
> reports though?

Certainly. To quote from HELP POPLOG:

    All Poplog users are invited to submit bug reports and enhancement
    requests: see HELP * BUGFORM for details.

And that includes anyone using the free Linux version. The "unsupported"
tag just means that you can't expect a reply.

> When compiling the example 'wine-advisor' program from TEACH * PRODSYS,
> it gives lots of warnings about using vars where I should be using
> dlocals.
> ...
> I assume this is something to do with the change of default vars
> variable status in poplog 15.00 that it mentions in help news. This is
> fair enough, but shouldn't somebody update lib prodsys to take this into
> account???

Don't be confused by Aaron's reply. The simplest thing to do is ignore
the warnings -- they're harmless. Or if you want to be consistent with
the 14.51 system in COGS, add

    compile_mode global :pop11 +oldvar;

to your "init.p" file. But yes, it is a bug: something that got
overlooked in the changeover.



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