telnet pop3 tricks of the trade 
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 telnet pop3 tricks of the trade

Q: Anyone have a useful ~/.telnetrc example file dealing with 'pop3'?

For example, how could one automate the following pop3 commands with telnet?
  unix or pc%  telnet mail-server pop3
               >  user john         <==tell pop3 who you are
               >  pass helloWor1d   <==provide your password
               >  stat              <==get a status of mail
               >  list              <==list your email msgs
               >  retr 3            <==retrieve the third msg
               >  dele 4            <==delete the fourth msg
               >  rset              <==reset (undo deletion)
               >  uidl              <==list all message id's
               >  quit                                      

Why automate this?

Every night, I try to learn something new.
One of the first steps is to stand on others' shoulders; & start from there.
Tonight, I picked the power of the "telnetrc" file to explore.

But, uh, er, um... the more I searched (e.g., ), the more
I found that, while telnet has _tons_ of commands, _nobody_ seems to have
done anything much with .telnetrc files.

The best I have is mine, which does _nothing_ useful -- just lotsa comments:

Do you have a useful ~/.telnetrc example file?

Please send a good example to me so that others benefit; I'll add it to
the file above.

John Gianni

Wed, 13 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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