Making a Poplog propbox vertical in Motif. Help please. 
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 Making a Poplog propbox vertical in Motif. Help please.


> [...]
> I would be gratefile if someone using Poplog with Motif would
> test my guess for me by trying the following, after running Pop-11

> uses propsheet; ;;; should be already part of Pop-11, but in case not....

There should also be a call to -propsheet_init- here.

> ;;; create a propbox with four buttons labelled A, B, C, D.
> vars propbox = propsheet_new_box('TEST', false, false, [A B C D]);

> ;;; show it on screen (buttons should come out horizontal)
>  propsheet_show(propbox);

> ;;; Now try to change its orientation:

> ;;; First load macro definitions for Motif

> uses XmConstants

#_IF pop_internal_version > 142200
     loadinclude XmConstants;
     uses XmConstants;

Will make it work under later Poplog versions. The undocumented
XmConstants library will become a documented include file post 14.2.

> ;;; Now change the orientation (I hope). Mark and load this:

>          XptValue(
>    ,
>              XtN orientation, TYPESPEC(:int)
>          );

> ;;; Does that change the alignment?

Nope. The widget hierarchy is different under Motif so the
"propbox.XptChildren[...]" won't work.

I should also point out that the widget trees produced by LIB *
PROPSHEET are currently *not* documented and may well change in future
Propsheet versions. Writing code that depends on these widget trees is
likely to break (and yes --- I was guilty of this with some of the code
I gave to Aaron, I should have used propsheet_subpart, see next sentence

People should use the (undocumented as yet... Jon, where's that REF
file? :-) -propsheet_subpart- procedure to access the widgets in a
propbox. You can use

        propsheet_subpart(propbox, "lower_controls")

to get the parent of the buttons.

Anyway... now we have the widget. Will

        XmVERTICAL ->
                        propsheet_subpart(propbox, "lower_controls"),
                        XtN orientation


Unfortunately not, since the parent of the buttons is an XmForm widget
which organises its children via a more complex mechanism. Those who are
interested should refer to:

        man 3 XmForm

Basically, you will have to alter the constraint resources of the
button widgets (which you can get with

        propsheet_subpart(propbox,"buttons") -> BUTTON_WIDGET_LIST


Whether LIB * PROPSHEET should provide support for this kind of thing is
a moot point. IMHO we're exceeding the areas Propsheet was originally
designed to cope with here quite a bit. To do this kind of thing
properly would probably involve writing a more general Garnet-esque
library. Something I'd love to do if somebody will give me some money

> ;;; Also see if you can change its location, width and height

> (500, 20, 50, 200) -> XptWidgetCoords(propbox);

This will work. It's completely general and should work on any widget.

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