Preliminary CFP: KR'98 
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 Preliminary CFP: KR'98


                        Preliminary Call for Papers

                       TRENTO, ITALY, JUNE 2-5, 1998
          (With workshops and coordinated events May 30 - June 1)

                 World Wide Web: http://www.*-*-*.com/

Explicit  representations of knowledge  manipulated by  inference algorithms
provide  an important foundation for  much work  in Artificial Intelligence,
from natural language dialogue systems to expert systems. We intend KR'98 to
be a place for the exchange of news, issues, and results among the community
of  researchers in the principles and  practices of knowledge representation
and reasoning (KR&R) systems.
We encourage  papers that present  substantial new results in the principles
of KR&R systems while clearly showing  the applicability of those results to
implemented or implementable AI   systems.  We also encourage "reports  from
the field"   of  applications, experiments,  developments, and   tests.  The
following topics are meant to be suggestive of the scope of the conference.

  * Representational Formalisms            * Implemented KR&R Systems
       o Representations of                     o Reports
            + Belief                            o Updates
            + Intention                         o Comparisons
            + Time                              o Evaluations
            + Space                        * Significant Applications
            + Action                            o Planning
            + Events                            o Robotics
       o Nonmonotonic Logics                    o Diagnosis
       o Description Logics                     o Natural Language
  * Reasoning Techniques                        o Multi-Agent
       o Deduction                                Environments
       o Induction                              o Knowledge Bases
       o {*filter*}                         * Implications for/of
       o Reasoning under Uncertainty            o Machine Learning
       o Parallel and Distributed               o Decision Theory
       o Implementations                        o Databases
       o Efficiency Measures and                o Software Engineering


The Program  Committee will review  extended abstracts  rather than complete
papers. Submissions must be  at most twelve (12)  pages, excluding the title
page  and  the bibliography, with  a  maximum of  38  lines per page  and an
average of 75 characters per line (corresponding to the{*filter*}article-style,
12pt). Overlength submissions will be rejected without review. All abstracts
must be submitted on 8 1/2  by 11 inch or A4  paper, and printed or typed in
12-point font (10 characters per inch on a typewriter). Dot matrix printout,
FAX, or  electronic submission will  not be accepted. Each submission should
include the names and complete addresses (including email, when possible) of
all  authors. Correspondence   will be  sent   to the first   author, unless
otherwise indicated. Also, authors should indicate  under the title which of
the   topic areas listed   above  best describes  their  paper  (if  none is
appropriate, please give  a set of keywords that  best describe the topic of
the paper). Submitted papers must be unpublished and substantively different
from  papers  currently under  review.  Details of  exactly  where to submit
papers will be given in the full call for papers to be issued later in 1997.

Authors of accepted  papers will be expected  to submit substantially longer
full papers for the conference proceedings. Final camera-ready copies of the
full papers   will be due  Wednesday March  17  1998.  Final papers  will be
allowed at most   twelve  (12)   double-column   pages  in the    conference
proceedings (corresponding to approximately  28 article-style{*filter*}pages; a
style file is provided by the publisher).


               Monday December 1, 1997   Extended abstracts due
               Monday February 2, 1998   Results to authors
              Wednesday March 17, 1998   Final papers due
 Saturday-Monday May 30 - June 1, 1998   Workshops
          Monday evening, June 1, 1998   Opening reception
       Tuesday - Friday June 2-5, 1998   KR'98


It is anticipated that a number of workshops  and adjoining meetings will be
held  in  conjunction with KR'98.   Anyone interested  in organising  such a
meeting should contact the workshops coordination chair as soon as possible.
Currently, it is known that  the following will be  held in conjunction with

International Description Logics Workshop (DL'98)
  May 30 - June 1, 1998 (tentative date)

Nonmonotonic Reasoning workshop (NMR)
  May 30 - June 1, 1998 (tentative date)

  chairs: Gerhard Brewka and Ilkka Niemelae, honorary chair: Ray Reiter.

IFIP Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Natural Language Processing
  May 31 - June 1, 1998 (tentative date)

Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems
  June 6 - June 8, 1998 (tentative date)



               Stuart C. Shapiro    Anthony G. Cohn
    State University of New York    University of Leeds, UK

                                    Lenhart Schubert
                                    University of Rochester, USA


     Fausto Giunchiglia (chair),    Lin Padgham (chair)
  Morena Carli, Luciano Serafini    RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

                                    Paolo Traverso (local organisation)
                                    IRST-ITC, Trento, Italy


                 Enrico Franconi    Francesco Donini
         IRST-ITC, Trento, Italy    University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy

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