Bye for a while 
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 Bye for a while

Except for an occasional dip, I'll be off the net for a few weeks until I
can organize a feed for my current organization.

After eleven or twelve years, philmtl, aka micomvax, will have its plug
pulled sometime this week, when, like much of Philips, it will disappear
from whence it came.

I can't complain too much, philmtl has supported my netting for ten years,
including the year I've been away from Philips, but it will be missed.
Thanks Mark.

See you later......
Ray Dunn at home        |  Beaconsfield, Quebec  |  Phone: (514) 630 3749

Sat, 29 Jul 1995 10:59:10 GMT  
 Bye for a while

hello. i am looking for a penpal/email mate from anywhere in the uk
because i would like to return to the u.k. (i went ther in september)
and i would love to have someone to visit!!!   the places that i am most
familiar with are edinborough and dover.  

email me if interested!!!

s               m               n               h

Tue, 01 Aug 1995 06:36:11 GMT  
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