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 poplog for small linux systems

I have made a new version of the poplog distribution for small linux
systems.  It is available at
In the original version, exload worked, but did not automatically
include the standard libraries, as specified on lines 391-393 of REF
"the Poplog external library
'$popexternlib/libpop.olb'. and the  C default library  '-lc' are  added

The problem went away when I relinked everything under a pure libc5
linux system, instead of using a cross-compiler on a libc6 system.
There are no changes to any source files.  Thanks to Andrzej Ritz for
pointing out the problem and helping to find the solution.

For reasons that I haven't yet tried to investigate, the new pop11
binary is smaller than the original.  That means that more files could
be added and it would still all fit on two floppies.  The extra room is
equivalent to approximately
three copies of the ved manual.  If anyone has suggestions for what to
add in, let me know.

Stephen Isard

Fri, 02 Jan 2004 20:06:28 GMT  
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