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 PLUG 93

PLUG 93 will be held as part of the Expert Systems 93 confernce on 13-15 December
1994 in Cambridge England. Here is some advertising puff for the PLUG session.
I will post out more details later.

If any more authors would like to demoinstrate their software then please
e-mail me to that effect. ISL will provide a few machines.

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Poplog Environment Applications*

This session collects together papers that use one of the Pop family of languages
or the Poplog environment. The papers are a microcosm of the conference itself.
Some papers deal with the programming environment and the user. These papers are
on Visual Programming, Hypermedia, and Object Oriented Programming. Some papers
deal with traditional AI topics. These papers are on language understanding and
vision. There are also papers that describe systems implemented in Pop or the
Poplog environment in the other sessions of the conference. Everyone is invited to
attend the Poplog Environment Applications session and the demonstrations of
authors' software in the Exhibition Area.

* Organised by the BCS Poplog and Pop Languages Group (PLUG).

Tue, 12 Mar 1996 19:02:20 GMT  
 PLUG 93
Has Alpha POP (POP-11 for the Mac) died a horrible death, or can I upgrade
my unworkable copy for a shiney new one that runs under System 7.1?

I originally got Alpha POP because of{*filter*} Pountain's glowing report of it
in Byte. I found it interesting, but didn't do much with it because of the
dearth of books available. Some time later, I found a book about using POP-11
for parsing natural languages...but by that time Alpha POP no longer

Much later still, I found this newsgroup.


Wed, 13 Mar 1996 12:12:05 GMT  
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