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 Development Proposals

Regi$ter Online!'s "Design-YOURware" is a programming
 proposal and creativity tool allowing you to design the specific type
of software you need and want.

The total package of "Design-YOURware" is summed up as a
group of programming proposals presented to programmers and
attracting bids for the compilation of your creations.

 Within this package, you'll find 27 separate programming proposals
 containing all the components you may ever want in a program with
 options to add your own ideas. All coding and/or programming is
 performed by the software developer who replies with an
 appropriate bid, and signs a private "work-for-hire" contract with
 you (sample included).

After you have edited and saved the proposal to read as you want it
 to, copy and paste it into your email program or newsgroup
program to send it to where you will attract bids (areas listed in file)
 and prepare your "work-for-hire" contract (sample included) while
 you wait for responses.

Requires a Rich Text Format Editor and Unzipping Program.

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