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I'm trying more external C stuff using poplog. I'm now trying to have a
C function return a pointer to a simple struct which I will use to
access the elements of the struct in poplog.

The C code is as follows
struct callback{
  long classHandle;
  long objectHandle;


callback* foo(int x)
  callback* y;
  return y;


I'm trying to return a structure containing two longs, the poplog code I
have so far...
p_typespec callback {
                  classHandle :long,
                  objectHandle :long

defexacc: callback;

exload libtest [libtest]
foo(x) :exptr.{:callback} <-'foo__Fi'

The typespec as I understand it creates a new type (callback). The
exload syntax I'm trying to achieve is to return a pointer to a "callback".

Is this code correct or is there something more I need to do? The
defexacc call should create access procedures 'classHandle' and
How do I then call 'exacc foo(3)->x' and get/change the values of
'classHandle' and 'objectHandle' for x?


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Fri, 08 Oct 2004 21:51:16 GMT  
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