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AlphaPop (Pop11 for the Macintosh) - the prices:

  The standard AlphaPop package includes:
   Language Guide book
   Reference Manual book

  A single user license costs L400; academic price L300.  Additional
  licenses are quite cheap, and the 25% academic discount applies
  across these also.

  There is a 'student edition'.  It includes:
   Electronic version of reference manual

   (it is intended for people who are being taught Pop11, and
   therefore don't need the full tutorial documentation)

  This edition costs L120, and is available to bona-fide students.

  (All prices exclude VAT).

AlphaPop - the version (also, AlphaPop - the Caveat):

  The current version of AlphaPop is 1.2.3.  We have never charged
  anyone for an upgrade; and have always tried to contact all known
  customers when there was an upgrade; if anyone still has an older
  version, please send me the disk (Ben Rubinstein at Cognitive
  Applications, address below) and we will upgrade you.

  This version of AlphaPop has basic graphics facilities.  It does
  not support colour, QuickTime etc.  It runs under System 7, but
  does not run with 32-bit addressing switched on.  It runs under
  every operating system from 3.4 to 7.1, and on every known
  Macintosh (current and discontinued), most of which have been
  introduced since it shipped.  It runs happily on a 512K Mac;
  and can take advantage of more memory, up to 8MB.

  Now the caveat: anyone buying AlphaPop should be aware that we
  have no plans to upgrade it further. As noted above, there seems
  every reason to believe it will continue to be compatible for
  some time to come; but we can't guarantee it, nor should you
  expect upgrades to take advantage of new features such as QuickTime.
  We do not actively market AlphaPop, but are happy to sell it to
  anyone who enquires, provided this is understood.

AlphaPop - the contact address:

    (In the US + Canada, please contact:
        Computable Functions Inc.,
        35 South Orchard Drive
        Amherst MA 01002
        Tel: (413) 253-7637

    Outside North America:
        Cognitive Applications Ltd
        4 Sillwood Terrace
        BN1 2LR

    Tel: 0273-821600
    Fax: 0273-722767


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