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 ved and modes

I asked for help on how I might indicate edit modes in ved (may be of
interest to people using ved who would prefer to customise it to
have (lots of?) different modes - there was some recent discussion of

> BUT post 14.2, this all changed, -vedstatusheader- is now ignored. See
> ref vedscreenstatusinputmark for info (but I don't think it will do what
> you want, cos it only happens in immediate mode buffers).

> Roger

Thanks for your reply. It confirms what I was beginning to suspect. I've
tried various other of the documented ved variables and procedures too,
but without success.

The following half works, but feels very unsafe:

    vedwindowpoint(1,2), vedscr_char_out(`A`), vedsetcursor();

It only half works, because lower case letters seem not to work.

Anyway, the above code put into a procedure assigned to -vedprocesstrap-
enables me to switch modes (normal ved, normal vi, and vi in insert mode)
and also to keep visible some indication of which mode I am in).

On the basis that "If the developers use a feature, it would probably
be useful to the users, too" I think that there should be more hooks
for users to control what appears on the status line. I hope they
are listening :-).


Sat, 09 Mar 1996 02:55:22 GMT  
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