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 Common Lisp part in PopLog


I am currently testing PopLog by porting a CL project to use it.
I've run into a few obstacles which I didn't find clear documentation
for and might be parts which

1. It seems to miss the CL functions READ-SEQUENCE and
ENSURE-DIRECTORY-EXIST (In other words it is only CLTL2 compliant and
not ANSI compliant.. Would it be better to add CLTL2 to the
feature list?)

2. I couldn't find a nice way to get RUN-UNIX-PROGRAM working in a
simple way, it should be in the POPLOG package? When I try a REQUIRE
it runs out of memory..

3. How can I get the command line arguments given to the clisp program
when it is started, e.g for running as part of a shell-script?

4. LOAD seems to insist on the ".lsp" extension even though there
is something called *lispfiletypes* which it could iterate through
when I call e.g (load "foo") and the file is foo.lisp. Most CL
implementations I know have some way to customise this.
(I made a wrapper to solve this ever so long..)

5. Is there any MOP support in PopLog or any MOP planned?

It seems nice enough though (need to add READ-SEQUENCE and
ENSURE-..-EXIST to really test) :)

Stig Erik Sandoe    Institute of Informatics, University of Bergen

Sun, 10 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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