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 Looking for Vendor informaton


>I am looking for contact information for the products listed
>below (and possibly, corrections...). Specifically, I NEED:

>  1. Product Name
>  2. Vendor Name
>  3. Vendor phone #
>  4. Vendor address
>  5. Vendor Webpage address (URL0, if applicable)
>  6. Other contact information
>  7. Supported methodology / Supported languages

>  AdaNice
>  BON (If a product directly corresponds to the notation)
>  BridgePoint
>  Concerto
>  Erwin/ERX
>  Gpf Guidelines
>  HOOD Toolset
>  Object Modeler (ICONIX)
>  Inference
>  MacAnalyst/MacDesign
>  ObjectiF
>  Object Oriented Designer
>  Object Analyst
>  Objectory
>  OMT (original product released using this methodology?)
>  OMW
>  OOTher
>  POPLOG Int Dev Env
>  S-Case
>  Select OMT
>  SES ObjectBench
>  STP (Object Oriented ext)
>  Synchronicity
>  System Architect
>  Together C++
>  TurbCASE
>  Vision
>  Visual Age

>  Note: I have already received info on Graphical Designer,
>  Camera, TowerEiffel, ObjectCenter, ObjectMaker, ObjectTeam,
>  Paradigm Plus and Rational Rose. If you know of any other automated
>  OOA/OOD tools that I have neglected to mention OR you can point me
>  to an already compiled listing, please drop me a line at

>  I am using this information for my dynamic survey (Webpage), which
>  some of you may already know. The compiled list will be available
>  for the asking (once it is compiled!?!).

>  Thanks to those who have already sent me information and comments
>  on the OOA/OOD Tools Survey! I know I have received some information
>  on some of the tools listed above...but somehow, a portion of my
>  existing mail was deleted before I could print it out.

>  Thank you,

>  Tinker Kel (Kelly Caldwell)

Could someone mail them the griff on Poplog? I'm a bit out of date with
the US contacts and Web info.


Mon, 06 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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