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 extensions to VED_LATEX

For anyone who has been using my ved_latex facilities, there are some
recent extensions and improvements, notably:

1. It has changed to use latex209 as the default, but allows users to
assign a different string (e.g. 'latex ') to ved_latex_command.

2. ENTER{*filter*}print runs dvips in the same directory as the .tex file
so that .eps files invoked via psfig can be found there.

3. The "ENTER{*filter*}print ps" option, to produce a postscript file,
can now be combined with other dvips options, e.g.

                ENTER{*filter*}print -t landscape ps

4. The output from dvips goes into a VED buffer rather than to the
screen. This makes it easier to save and peruse the output.

5. The following new commands have been added:

-- ENTER latex2
    This runs{*filter*}twice in the current .tex file, producing
    two separate VED output files showing error messages, etc.
    This is useful for fixing tables of contents, new citations based on
    bibtex, and other cross references.

-- ENTER dobib
    This runs ved_latex, then ved_bibtex then ved_latex2. It produces
    four separate output files. Do this when you have introduced a new
    citation, or when you have altered your .bib file and need to run

6. HELP VED_LATEX has been updated.

The files are available for browsing or copying via ftp in the


There's a compressed tar file in


If unpacked it recreates the ved_latex directory, which should be
located in $poplocal/local

Then the latex.install file can be run to set up links from the
$poplocal/local/auto and $poplocal/local/help directories.

The directory and tar file contain a file latex.help file which is not
linked by the install command, in case its information is unsuitable for
the{*filter*}system at your site. It includes information relevant to
Sussex and Birmingham installations of latex. After editing you may wish
to copy it to $poplocal/local/help/latex

It includes tutorial information about latex, bibtex, dvips, psfig and
other things, but is very patchy.

As ever, comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Sat, 04 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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